Wizard of Oz Lunch Box

Wizard of Oz Lunch BoxLions and tigers and bears! Oh my! Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! One of my family’s favorite musicals, this Wizard of Oz lunch box would be perfect for the Judy Garland lover in your family.  This tin lunch box with an embossed front features Hunk, Hickory, Dorothy... Read More »

Vintage TV Tin Lunch Box

Vintage TV Tin Lunch BoxThis lunch box features the old SMPTE color bars which was routinely played at night on old boob tubes when broadcast TV stations would go off the air.  Now, I might have lost a few of you there with that statement – why would anyone ever go off the air, what is a broadcast TV... Read More »

Star Trek Vintage Lunch Box

Star Trek Vintage Lunch BoxBeam me up Scotty!  Now when I was in grade school, I actually didn’t watch much Star Trek because I remember it being on so late.  Now that I’m an adult though, I’ve spent countless hours binge watching my favorite cosmic characters explore the universe. Show off your pride by bringing in this awesome Star... Read More »

Rosie the Riveter Vintage Lunch Box

Rosie the Riveter Vintage Lunch BoxNothing says girl power like Rosie the Riveter! This incredible vintage lunch box features Rosie, a cultural icon who represented all the hard working women who kept this country going by working in factories and shipyards during WWII while men were fighting overseas. A little history lesson: The imagery featured on this box is by... Read More »